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Al Dahra Agricultural
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ACX Global Stockton

Pacific Midwest (PMW)

Located in Northern California, ACX Global Stockton supplies all standard and premium grades of alfalfa hay, TRUESWEET® sudangrass, piper sudangrass, dryland and irrigated oat hay, timothy hay, and other grass hay and straw products.

Packages include double compressed full bales, half-cut bales, 450kg MACX-Bale sleeve, and single press products. All containers are loaded to approximately 22.5 MT due to road-weight regulations.

Stockton hay products are acquired from the San Joaquin Valley of California, Northern Nevada, and Southern Oregon and delivered to ACX Global Stockton for storage and export processing through the Port of Oakland.


Sweeter in taste, higher in consumption, and lower in nitrates, ACX Global is the exclusive supplier of the famous TRUESWEET® Sudangrass. Developed by ACX Global over more than 20 years, this highly popular sudangrass variety is softer and leafier than traditional sudangrass varieties offered by other hay exporters.

Contact ACX Global Stockton

Al Dahra ACX Global, Inc.
719 Gillis Avenue
Stockton, CA 95203
Phone: (209) 465-3718
Fax: (209) 942-3852

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